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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your suit prices?
In my Prices tab, I explain the different prices on suit style or parts. The pricing I use is in NZD currency, a digitigrade fullsuit starts at $10,000. Whatever extras that are requested, will add up to the final price.

What main materials are used in your fursuits?
Head base and eyes are a strong 3D printed material, majority of the suit is made with fake fur, foam and spandex.

Could you design a suit from a movie, video game or T.V. series?
That's a definite no, I have no interest as well as no legal right to create copy written characters.

How can I contact you for further questions?

Just hop onto the contact tab, if its not a legitimate question, I'll most likely ignore it.

What are your restrictions?

I will only do work with people over the age of 18, don't get upset if I ask for proof of ID (can be either a scanned image or a clean snapshot from a legal document proving your age).
I also don't accept R-18 type of suits, ones that show privates, breasts or Murrsuits, I'm sorry but I don't feel comfortable working on said suits.

How do you take care of the costume?

Fursuit Care

A quick guide on how to care for your Fursuit


Head cleaning can be done by spraying or wiping the inside with antimicrobial spray or alcohol based wet wipes. Please allow the head to be completely dry before storing after cleaning. Avoid alcohol sprays on the outside of the costume head as it might risk fading the acrylic painted eyes. Please do not submerge in water and do not put them in the washing machine. Never place a head in a dryer.


Bodies can be machine washed, cold water, delicate. Never use bleach only use color safe detergent. You can use softener but it's not a necessity. Bodies should always be air dried in front of a fan (fan will help speed the process). Never place them in a dryer or use heat as it will burn the fabric.​

Feet/Hand Paws:

Both can be machine washed on delicate, cold water and air dried. Never place in the dryer.


Machine washed, cold, no bleach, color safe detergent and air dry.


I use NZ based products to remove stains on fursuits, e.g. Vanish, Napi-San and if excessive, bleach for the tough spots (Only for small spot cleaning on white fur). I've heard overseas Folex is a common cleaner for stain removal on suits, Folex is a really strong carpet cleaner. If you are wanting to clean an area please be careful when spraying the affected area and read the instructions on how to properly use it.

If you have any questions please email us directly at

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