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Terms of Service

Only a person of 18 years or older may initiate a commission with VixenCreations and the commissioner may be requested to provide proof of age documents. Any commissioner that is under the age of 18 will have their commission terminated without refund.

VixenCreations will not make a costume of a character with copyrights, trademarks, or is a character clearly belonging to an individual other than the commissioner. When a commissioner places an order, the commissioner acknowledges the copyrights, trademarks, or any other distribution usage rights of the character and assume responsibility for it. Any commission violating this restriction will be terminated with no refund and no incomplete or complete sections of the commission will be delivered.

A commission will be completed within 12 months of when the full payment is received; however, VixenCreations reserves the right to delay completion due to unforeseen circumstances of the maker, Maria Valentic, or due to issues with payment or poor communication from the commissioner.

If after twelve months a commission is not completed, excluding any exception mentioned previously, the commissioner will be entitled to free shipping upon completion or a complete refund of the commission. If a refund is given, the commission, as it stands, will remain the property of VixenCreations.

No request for use of lower quality materials will be honored.

VixenCreations does not use any real animal parts in any of the costumes. No real leather, fur, teeth, noses, antlers, etc. All work is made of synthetic materials and items, in which fur is artificial, as well as nose, teeth, horns or antlers are made from various plastics, fake leather, or other materials.

VixenCreations does not take responsibility for any adverse health effects, including injury, allergies, or any medical condition, due to the use of the commission. Responsible use of the commission is the responsibility of the commissioner alone, including if used by an individual other than the client.

VixenCreations reserves the right to generate any media, including videos and photographs, of the commission for advertisement and archive material.

It is the responsibility of the commissioner to respond promptly, appropriately, and clearly with VixenCreations. It is expected that the commissioner will communicate at least once a week with VixenCreations unless a prior arrangement is made. If, when requested, no communication or response is received from the client within one week, a warning will be given and, if after two weeks no communication is made, the commission will be terminated. Furthermore, the use of inappropriate or abusive language and/or media when communicating, or repeatedly giving confusing, misleading, or false information is unacceptable when communicating with VixenCreations and may lead to the termination of the commission. Only one warning will be given before termination of commission and no refund will be given if terminated.

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